Hillsview Pastoral Charge
Yard Sale, Bake Sale & Bike/Walk-a-Thon

June 18th was the annual Bowsman United Church Yard Sale, Bake Sale & Bike/Walk-a-Thon. The morning started out looking like we would be rained out, but with a little faith and the slogan "Every burger you buy guaranteed us 5 minutes without rain." Not only did we not see a drop but we had ended the day with more than a full hour of sunshine.

Many thanks to all involved.

  • The setup crew raring to go at 9:00 am
  • The workers busy pricing and selling items
  • Reverend Highmoor for barbecuing some fabulous burgers and hot-dogs
  • The concession workers making sure everyone's food was just right
  • The money table workers for taking even "unexpected" turns, especially when someone forgot the camera
  • The clean up group still raring to go at 2:00 pm

A special thank you to all the participants of the Bike/Walk-a-Thon. It was wonderful to see the members of the Sunday School and Congregation taking part.