Hillsview Pastoral Charge
Joint Service - Knox United Minitonas
Knox United
Rev. Margaret MacLean reflected on her time at Hillsview.
Rev. Bill Hickerson reflected on his time at Hillsview.
Rev. Ed Princelaar could not be with us but he did send a wonderful message on tape.
Rev. Stew Anderson reflected on his time a Hillsview and then, accompanied by his wife on the piano, sang "He Touched Me."
The communion portion of the service had all four Reverends present taking part.
The choir presented two anthems as the sun lit up the stained glass windows behind them.
Ken and Linda accompanied the hymns on guitar and piano.
Special thanks to our anniversary committee each representing a point on the pastoral charge;
Barb Holms, Isobel Patience and Pat Soura.
Each Reverend was presented with a boquet of Minitonas' official sunflowers, and gift bags from the official board.