Hillsview Pastoral Charge
Contemporary Services

In September 2001 we began to have contemporary worship services the last Sunday of each month. Each point on the pastoral charge has an ad hoc contemporary team that meet to plan and conduct the services. The music is modern, often with instruments. Choirs sing extra pieces. The teams have been faithful to the lectionary readings for the week and begin with the Seasons of the Spirit material for that week. This material is a launching pad. Team members read and reflect on it and come to the meetings with lots of enthusiasm and ideas. We've had a lot of fun, found new ways to worship and the congregations have whole-heartedly embraced this approach.

September 25th 2005 Service at Bowsman United.

March 27th 2005 Easter Service at Knox United

A Play performed in the January 30th 2005 service in Bowsman United.

A Message given by a team member in the November 28th service in Birch River United.